Bliss - The Game for Lovers - Action Editor

Lets you customize Bliss by adding, removing, or modifying your own Romantic Ideas.

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Bliss Action Editor

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Bliss comes with of hundreds of romantic ideas and fun activities built in. But we know that the most romantic ideas for you are the ones you invent yourself. So we created the Bliss Action editor to let you customize our romantic games by adding your own ideas. The Bliss Action Editor is a powerful tool to allow advanced users to customize Bliss by adding, modifying or deleting actions from the Game. The romantic ideas that you enter yourself will be customized and personalized to your own relationship. You can even use it to create great romantic gifts by putting in a special set of actions for a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary.

Actions are the heart of Bliss. Each turn, a user is presented with an action. The action which is presented to the user is controlled by many factors. What the user is wearing, what level they are at, what property they own, what previous actions they have completed, what clothing will be removed, etc. All of this can be changed or new actions created in the Action Editor.

The Action Editor is not for everyone, nor is it necessary to use it to have a great time playing Bliss. It requires a small amount of computer literacy and it takes some effort to learn to use it effectively. But for those seeking the ultimate Bliss experience, it is an essential addition.

Want to share your romantic ideas with others? Using our action submission forum, you can submit your romantic ideas anonymously. Others can then download your ideas, and add them to their copy of Bliss. We add the best of these romantic ideas to the game with each new release.