What is it like to play Bliss?

Many people have asked us what a game of Bliss is like. The best way to find out is to download it yourself and try it. But if you aren't ready to do that yet, this page will show you just how exciting this game can be.

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Stage 1: Customize Bliss according to your personality.

Your love life is as individual as you are. Every couple has their own likes, dislikes, and sexual preferences. Because of this, Bliss can be customized to meet the needs of any couple. Here are some of the things that you can customize in Bliss:


Choose a Skin to make Bliss appear the way you like it.

If you want to, you can even make your own skins using your favorite Paint Program.

Classic Skin Clouds Skin Tweed Skin Red Satin Skin


Add your own music to Bliss. Although Bliss comes with a beautiful set of romantic songs, every couple has their own special songs and their own musical style. Bliss lets you add all of your favorite romantic music to the game.



We all have things we like to do in the bedroom. We also all have things we don't like. Bliss lets you create your own profile that sets your own preferences and limits. For example, some couples love oral sex. Others like it if they are really aroused. Others don't like it at all. Bliss lets you decide when, if ever, various categories of activites will be presented in the game. With over 100 categories, Bliss lets you precisely match your own likes and dislikes.

Profile Editor


For the ultimate in flexibility, you can use the optional Action Editor to create, modify, or delete every action in Bliss. This is the same powerful tool used by the creators of Bliss to write the actions that are built into the game. See the Action Editor page for more details.

Bliss Action Editor

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Stage 2: Set the stage each time you play

Each time you start a new game of Bliss, you tell the game what toys you have available, what you are wearing, and even how hot or cold you are feeling that day. This lets every game be a unique experience, tailored to the mood you are in each time you play.


Toys can add spice and excitement to the game. Tell the game what you have available whenever you play



Bliss adapts to what you are wearing. You tell Bliss what clothing you have on, and it adapts game play accordingly. If you have layers of clothing or unusual items, that is OK, the Advanced Clothing Editor can handle it.

Clothing Editor

Passion Level

Some times you may be very aroused before you even start the game. Other times, you may need a lot of warming up first. Sometimes you might even be totally cold. Bliss lets you specify your personal arousal level each time you play.

Passion Level

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Stage 3: Have Fun

Once your personal Data is entered, it is time to play. This is where the fun starts. Bliss will surprise you, arouse you, and take you as far as you wan to go. You can build your own businesses, frequent your partners businesses, dance with each other, touch each other and ...

Bliss Screen Shot

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