Bliss - The game for Lovers

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Bliss - The Game for Lovers

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System Requirements:

Display: 1024 X 768 -16 bits or higher
CPU: 1 GHz Pentium or compatible
Memory: 512 MBytes
Hard Disk: 55 MBytes available space
Operating Systems Supported: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Note: See jBliss to run Bliss on other operating systems.

Game Description:

Bliss is a computer based romantic game for loving couples in a long term relationship who want to have a great time together. Unlike many adult games, Bliss focuses on love and romance, not blatant sexuality.

Bliss is highly customizable. Each player can create an individual profile, in which they enter their own personal likes, dislikes and willingness to participate in specific sexual activities. In addition to player profiles, the game can be customized using the optional Action Editor, which allows the players to create their own actions or to modify the ones built into the game.

Bliss includes a sophisticated clothing editor, which allows each player to specify, at the beginning of the game, what they are wearing. The editor allows for multiple layers of clothing and the game is aware of the relationship between these clothing items. During game play, players will occasionally be instructed to remove a particular article of clothing. Bliss uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to control this. For example, it knows that if a player is wearing a blouse and a skirt over a teddy, that the teddy cannot be removed unless both the blouse and skirt have been removed. As a general rule, both players eventually end up naked, but it is the getting there that is the fun.

Players are able to purchase board squares and to build businesses on these properties. The player gets to decide what to build. For example, if you build a photo studio, then when you or your partner land on your photo studio, you will be instructed to do something involving photography. There are many choices of things that you can build.

In addition to the squares you can build, there are 10 built in squares, which include things like a Free Kiss square and a "Take It Off" square.

When selecting an action for a player to perform on each turn, the game takes into account property the player owns, previous actions of each player, what the player is wearing, what the current Passion Level of that player is, and many other factors. This results in a very interactive experience, with both players having more and more fun as the game progresses.

One of the most romantic aspects of the game is the extensive use of music. Bliss plays background music throughout the game, and then, when a special event like stripping or dancing comes along, special music for that event is played. Users can customize the game by adding their own favorite music.