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reprinted with permission

""Bliss" can be loosely defined as a "computer game." But since the majority of your activity while playing this game takes place between the couple playing, and not on the screen, it's not an entirely accurate description.

At first glance, it may appear very similar to the classic board game Monopoly, but believe us when we tell you that you have never played a game quite like this one before.

We’ll begin with a simple overview of the way the game is played. A simple “game board” is shown on the screen, with spaces marked such as “Jail”, “Lucky Encounter”, and “Take It Off”. Each player (there can only be two; it is a game for couples) rolls the onscreen dice, and their icon automatically moves that many spaces ahead.

Each space landed upon calls for different actions from the players. For instance, if your icon stops on the “Court” space, you will be charged with a “crime”, and either fined, given a punishment, (use your imagination) or a choice between both. Landing on the “Take It Off” space will prompt you to remove clothing, or occasionally, to put it back on. There are also spaces on the board that start out blank, and can be purchased and built on by the players. If you build a Doctor’s Office on your space, then every action on that space will have a “doctor theme” to it.

There is no “end” to this game; no winner or loser. The game simply continues to the point where you can no longer control yourself well enough to follow instructions, and… well, you know what happens at that point.

Now, to go into more detail. And believe us, this game has loads of detail. The complexity of the programming, and at the same time the ease of use… is simply astounding.

When you first start the game, you will be asked for your names, one woman and one man. (Yes, this game is intended for heterosexual couples, though there are rumors that that may change in the future.) Once you’ve entered your name, you may want to create a “profile” for each player, which basically tells the game how comfortable you are with certain situations. For example, there is a kissing category, with various types of kissing within. For each of these types, you can select a minimum and maximum “passion level”. More on that later.

After you’re finished with the initial setup, the game will ask each player for their starting passion level, and at what speed the players would like that passion level to rise. The game will also ask each player for a list of what they are currently wearing, which can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. You have to see it to believe it. Finally, it will ask what “toys” you have available to use.

As the game chooses actions for you to perform, it will take into account what passion level you are currently at, versus your “comfort level” with each action. For example, if you began the game at level two, the game would not ask you to striptease for your partner if you told it that you were comfortable stripping on levels five and up. It would be more likely to ask you to stare into your lover’s eyes and tell them how much you appreciate them. On the other hand, you can just as easily start the game naked on level nine and go straight to the biggest actions. It’s all up to you, and that is one of the greatest charms of this game.

This game is almost endlessly customizable. You can change the look of the game board, and there are expansion packs available to purchase that put even more actions into the game. And if you opt to purchase the Action Editor, (highly recommended) you can add as many of your own actions as you can think of, as well as edit the ones already included with the game.

Unfortunately, we can’t say too much more about the game, since we’re running low on space, but there is so much more to experience.

There is a free demo of the game available from, and you have absolutely no excuse not to at least give it a try. We’d recommend setting aside a night where you can unhook the phone, send the kids to a sleepover, and have an unforgettable night together.

We also just had to mention that the tech support is amazing. There is a forum on the developer’s site for posting any questions or issues you may have, and we know from personal experience that the replies are very quick and very helpful.

We’re already recommending this game to every couple we know, and we have a few copies planned as anniversary gifts. You owe it to yourself and to your spouse to try this game… it will make such a difference.

We hope to see more products in the future from Games For Loving, and wish them all the success they deserve for this unprecedented masterpiece."


Wishing you “Cozy Romance”,

- Daniel & Ashley Callahan