Dr D-Light

Add Fire to Bliss with this two volume Add On Pack. Includes many new kinds of loving to make the game more pleasing for wilder lovers.

Price: $12.95 per volume

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Notice: Previous or concurrent purchase of Bliss - the Game for Lovers is required.

Nuke Warning: Not for the faint of heart!!

Bliss comes complete with of hundreds of romantic ideas and fun activities. The Dr D-Light add on packs enhance your romantic experience by providing even more. These new actions are much hotter than the basic Bliss actions and are designed for those of you who like your loving wild.

D-Light offers options that can take your intimate relationship from ho-hum, to wow! Have you wondered about how to add some experimentation to your relationship? Would you like more variety for just a 'touch of spice'? This add-on pack is exactly what you are looking for. It adds additional categories of actions to your Profiles - so check them out, and adjust as necessary. Be sure to check out the expanded toys list, as it too can lead to some unexpected adventures.

This Add On Pack was written and sold by Dr. D-Light, not Games for Loving. Since Dr. D-Light closed her website, we offer it for sale here as a convenience to our customers.