Solomon's Delight

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Solomon's Delight

God never intended marital intimacy to be boring! Rest assured, this action pack isn't either!

Our sexuality is one of God's most beautiful gifts to His children, yet all too often, we strive to shut God out of the bedroom. This add-on action pack is designed to allow couples to rejoice in the wonder of this gift, using the Biblical model of marriage and sexuality as described in all the erotic detail of the Songs of Solomon and other scriptural passages. It contains over 150 new actions* ranging from mild to wild. As a bonus, we've included a custom skin!

Solomon's Delight website offers additional products for purchase, including romantic lingerie, books to help you grow together spiritually, and will soon be offering gift baskets and marital aids. Product images have been edited to keep the focus on the merchandise rather than on the models displaying them. Solomon's Delight also provides a prayer and praise forum where couples can enjoy fellowship with others.

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*It is important to note that a few of the actions are taken out of scriptural context.

This Add On Pack is written and sold by Solomon's Delight not Games for Loving. We offer it for sale here as a convenience to our customers.