Can profiles be shared between Bliss/jBliss?

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Can profiles be shared between Bliss/jBliss?

Postby philfarm » Tue Jul 19, 2011 12:54 am


I use Linux on my PC and my wife uses Windows on her PC. Since the license is for couples, not for copies, I assume this means that she can have Bliss on her PC while I can have jBliss on mine. However, can we simply copy profile files between the two computers so that we can independently adjust our profiles, but then play together on just one machine? (E.g., will there be CR/LF issues, or other problems?)

And what about the action editor? Can we each independently edit actions and then merge them for a single game?

Are there any other things we need to be aware of to handle this situation?

(So far, I've just looked at the demo, but I like it! If we can handle the dual PC thing, I will definitely buy it!)

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Re: Can profiles be shared between Bliss/jBliss?

Postby Don » Tue Jul 19, 2011 9:16 am


I moved this topic off of the iPhone forum and onto the main game forum.

The 2 computer situation should work fine. You should be able to move profiles back and forth, though this is not something that has had a whole lot of testing. In any case, profile creation is generally very quick and is usually only done once.

You can use any number of Action files when you play the game so you could incorporate an Action file she generated with one that you generated in a single game.


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