Clarification please on priority / action editor

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Clarification please on priority / action editor

Postby Janna » Sun Mar 03, 2013 12:46 pm

Quick action editor question...

Let's say I have an action that I really like, and want to increase the odds that it comes up. Let's say the action is "Subject massages partner's back".

I have this action, and I title it (using all my powers of originality) "Massage". With the action editor, I can copy "Massage" right back into the same action file, so I now have two files, identical, both named "Massage".

Do I have to rename my second "Massage" file to become "Massage 2"? I understand if I do that, the game considers them different actions therefore a better chance that it/they come up, but in theory now, both Massage and Massage2 could come up in the same game.

Or, if I leave them both named "Massage"... will that mean if one comes up, all the files titled "Massage" are no longer accepted by the random generator (so therefore, even if I had 80 actions all called massage, one one of them is hit, none of them will come up again)

Or, if I leave both of them named "Massage"... will that mean that regardless of how many actions titled "Massage" I have, there is still the same odds it will come up as any other (ie I have 600 actions, one called massage. I add another 100 actions called massage. I still have a 1 in 600 chance that massage will come up).


Also, if it's not too much, please confirm my understanding of "Priority"... that only refers to actions of the same name, correct? IE if I have one file called Kisses that is priority five, it will accept that before an identical file called Kisses that is priority one... OR, does it mean that a file called Kisses priority five will come up more often/sooner than a file called Hugs that is priority one....

Appreciate the help!
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