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Bliss in the UVL database

PostPosted: Fri Dec 24, 2010 2:17 pm
by zerothis
I am one of many editors at Universal Videogame List <>, a database documenting all videogames, As I am not yet married, I have not yet delved into the content of Bliss and therefore am not qualified to fully document it, provide a review, and give it a content rating. Reviews and content rating from a Christian perspective would be particularly helpful to these database entries. I invite those who enjoy Bliss to fill in any missing information of the Bliss entries at UVL: jBliss (Linux experience) jBliss (Mac experience) Bliss (Windows) Solomon's Delight (cross-platform? add-on) Dr D-Light vol 1 (cross-platform? add-on) Dr D-Light vol 2 (cross-platform? add-on)

Comments and reviews can be done anonymously with the "Post an anonymous comment / review about this game." link (this also links ). But it is better for any Bliss users desiring to document the game if they became UVL members (top left of the page) and requested to be an editor (both are free and allow full access to all UVL features). This additionally allows to be added, content and detailed ratings, credits (who are the people made Bliss and add-ons), videos, exact dates, tags, translations into other languages (if any), relations to other games (future Bliss add-ons for instance) and future information types at UVL.

PS: my compliments to the authors of phpBB and the webmasters at GfL for including a spell checker option that even underlines mistakes in URLs; very impressive.