[Animo check] Learning packs

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[Animo check] Learning packs

Postby Mit1mit2 » Wed Nov 14, 2012 1:19 pm

Many people are curious to different ways to have sex or to brighten up their relationship. For example, one couple might be very interested in the Kamasutra where as the other couple might be very interested in Tantra or maybe some other couple is interested in bondage. Now the thing that stops most couples from trying out these things is because they don't know how and where to begin.

Now I would like to help everyone out there with exploring these things; the way I want to do it is by creating a different kind of action pack in which all these things are divided in "chapters" you start at chapter one and you will climb all the way through the most advanced chapters whenever YOU are ready for it. In these learning packs I would be covering every part of the desired art. For example; the kamasutra is known as a book of sex positions, though this is part of the book it's just a small part of the real deal. I will be covering all there is to know about it so that you will experience everything instead of some new sex positions. This does mean that the action files might be a bit odd but that should be easy to compensate for.

With this post I would like to ask each and every one of you to vote in the poll for a clean representation of the animo everyone who bought bliss has.
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