On the Lighter Side

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On the Lighter Side

Postby chicago » Sun Sep 06, 2015 10:01 am

These are mostly low- and mid-level actions. For a sex game, they cover more of the 'game' part of the definition than other files I've seen on the exchange (which is a wordy way of saying that lots of people will just find these too goofy or boring).

We don't get many opportunities to play, so all the actions haven't yet been run through our, ahem, testing procedure. But I'll put them out there anyway since I don't want to bother removing the ones we haven't yet used.

They are all originals with a couple caveats:

1) Early on, when I imported others' action files, I was extremely haphazard about it, so a small handful got mixed in to our file, their lineage lost, and are now presented as ours - apologies to the original authors.

2) Some are truly originals, in that we thought of them ourselves, but actions which are incredibly similar have turned up in other files on the exchange and in the Basic Actions. Nothing new under the sun, I suppose.

OK, enough yakking. Have at it.
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