How to setup game?

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How to setup game?

Postby Rookie432 » Tue Nov 20, 2007 10:13 am

I am curious as to how to get the more "risque" actions to come up in game play. When I look through the actions in the editor there are a lot of actions that just don't come up and many that are repeated. I think I have followed all instructions but still just getting pg13 and r rated actions. I have set up both profiles to test run and went through each level and set them to warm or lower start and explosive /nuclear finish. I set the passion level for the beginning of the game to Warm(start) and Nuclear(highest). Several test runs through the game the actions just kindof level out even when the passion bar hits highest level? Am I missing something? I still feel I don't have something set up right.

Great game by the way. Potentially explosive.

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Postby Don » Tue Nov 20, 2007 10:54 am


By setting up the profiles the way you describe (all actions ranging from warm to nuclear) you are actually making it less likely to see the more "risque" actions.

This is because the game always trys to find an action that matches your current level. If you set the profile the way you describe then all actions match every level and it will be up to random choice what you get.

The default profile causes milder categories to cut off at a certain level, making the milder actions less likely later in the game.

Many of the more risque actions in the game have prerequisites. These include:

1. Toys that must be available.
2. Properties that must be built (like massage studio or cabaret)
3. Items of clothing that must be worn or not worn.

Also, when you start a game there is always a "ramp up" period for the first 3-5 turns.

If you are not seeing certain actions, it is generally because these prerequisites for an action are not being met. If you are seeing repeats, this is almost certainly the case. The game will never repeat an action unless there is no action anywhere in the list that can be used under the current circumstances.

If you are in the action editor, take a look at the requirements for a particular action that you have not seen but would like to see. You might get an idea from that why you aren't seeing it.

If this still doesn't help, get back to me and I can give you information about turning on logging in the game. This will create a log that you can send me that will let me see exactly why certain actions are not being used.

Let me know if this helps, or if you have more questions.


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