How do you set up your Game?

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How do you set up your Game?

Postby luvher » Wed Jul 22, 2009 10:47 am

I would like to know how you people set up your ACTIONS to play Bliss.
Do you make many small files from the actions that others have sent in and then select the ones you want at the time?
Or do you have a few large action files?
Do you select all your action Files for each game?

How do you keep track of the action you have used and then de-select them so that others come up next time you play Bliss?
Or do you just let the game select the action even though many repeat each time you play.

Any other tips.

What we do is select some of the 13 action files that I have. Some I have writen and some I have download from your contributions. Then after we have played bliss I try and de-select some of the actions so that others come up next time.
It works okay but there are many action that I forget or can't find.
So I was thinking I might break up each of the action files into 4 or 5 smaller files, this way there are many more files to choose from with less in them and more chances of different action coming up.
But this will be a lot of work, so I thought I would ask you first what you do :!:
Looking forward to your input.
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Re: How do you set up your Game?

Postby Karkhan » Wed Jul 22, 2009 7:26 pm

I downloaded all the action files from the exchange and deleted the actions we would not normally use or I didn't like. I then re-name them into groups that work together. I have an A game and a B game and a C game at the moment. I have started creating a new set of actions that will be a stand alone by itself. Unfortunately I have found out from Don that the idea I have will not work at the moment as the game does not view actions the way I want it to. Hopefully it will soon or I can find a way around it.

My 2 cents...
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Re: How do you set up your Game?

Postby rz1988 » Thu Jul 23, 2009 3:13 pm

I also have downloaded all of the actions from the forum and have purchased dr dlight #1 and have modified or deleted the actions we don't use. I have them all active when we play which gives the most possible choices.
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Re: How do you set up your Game?

Postby AJILLKIN » Thu Jul 23, 2009 3:56 pm

I'm like rz1988 have them all, including some of my own. However, I have set the priority on all the files with my own file being the highest. This sets the odds of an action from that file coming up. Wifey loves to see one with my initials pop up. :lol: :oops:
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Re: How do you set up your Game?

Postby luvher » Fri Jul 24, 2009 1:06 pm

Hey great, thanks for the replies.
Do any of you get the same action coming up every time or most times you play Bliss? If so what do you do to de-select the action, and how do you remember which action it was and where it is?
Karkhan you said you made 3 files from all the ones you downloaded. Did you set the actions in any special file, ie; depending on mood or passion level or actions?

Looking forward to your replies.
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Re: How do you set up your Game?

Postby Karkhan » Sun Jul 26, 2009 10:01 am

No, I have not come up with a clever way to insure that all the actions I have are used in future games. This is the reason I made as many versions of the game as I could. I am not sure I am explaining this well, :o . Let me try it this way.

If you look in the Exchange you will see The Bomb, The Bomb II, and The Bomb III. As I likes his work I did not however like all the actions in them. I combined them all into one file. Since our games tend to last a little while it worked out so that we used a lot of those actions. However if we were to start the game over the next night with those same files we would get repeats. At this moment the game does not take in to account the actions that were used in the last game and give all the ones that were not used a higher priority. It just isn't there.

Also, just to let you all know. If you write an action that can be used for both female and male, it will most likely occur twice in your game. Once for the female and once for the male. If that same action has multiple places to land in the game, ie. Lovers Lane, Free Kiss, then it is more likely to occur even more. The game takes all the actions in the file and places them in every scenario it can. You can look under statistics to see how many actions you have for each area. If you have the same one listed a lot, then it will most likely occur a lot.

I have been attempting to change my old action files to gender specific. Every action will only occur once this way, as I am only letting them occur on one space of the board as well. It is a lot of work but this way I will never get a duplicate, I may never see certain actions but it won't be duplicated in that game. Another reason why I was making so many versions of the game.
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Re: How do you set up your Game?

Postby spongebob » Sun Dec 20, 2009 5:18 pm

Just in case someone with experience with the game reads here -

We just purchased it and played for the first time the other day. What is the most efficient way to do lots of editing and recombining of action files? Any suggestions? I understand we can use the action editor. I'm wondering if there was some other way to read the action files (like a text editor or with a sql or other script...) and do a lot of editing at once. We are looking for ways to decrease repeats of actions. Seems like lots of them can occur in multiple situations and we want to diversify and speed up game play... We played around with the game speed settings but it seems like editing the actions / action file is what will really help. Any hints or ideas are appreciated.


ps sorry about the spongebob userid. Didn't expect to post, only registered to download in the exchange forum.
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Re: How do you set up your Game?

Postby blushingbride » Fri Dec 24, 2010 4:35 pm

We took all the user provided files as well as all the add ons and took out the actions we didn't like, combining them into one large file. I'm retentive about spelling and grammar, etc. so I also made corrections on those items in the text. When we play, if a duplicate comes up, we just skip it and go on to the next action. Doesn't bother either of us. It actually doesn't happen all that often.

What I found was that when I combined all the files initially and created our one large personalized file, that it became cumbersome to go back through and edit. Unfortunately, when we played last, something happened to the file, and it was empty the next time I went in to work on editing the actions. The file was still there, but every action was gone. :(

So I'm doing a new file, and editing as I go, starting with the Dr. Delight add ons. I found that if I edited each file separately and then appended the files that the equipment lists moved over to the new file, one issue that I had wondered how how to handle earlier. Also, the user created categories moved over, which was nice.

So - back to not quite square one, but with much more experience with the game, and now I'm editing as I go.
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Re: How do you set up your Game?

Postby chustme » Sun Dec 26, 2010 9:04 pm

I set ours up in four basic files, each with a slightly different application. For instance, since we practice the natural rhythm method of birth control, there is about a week and a 1/2 out of the month that certain actions do not apply, for obvious reasons. When it is that time of the month, we choose the action file that is geared for it.

In regards to how to know where your files are located for editing in the future, simply number your action file and actions, and then create the appropriate number code in the "Credit" section of the Action Editor. For instance, if you have an action file named "intercourse adventurous" for evenings when you are feeling adventurous and intercourse is allowed, then rename it to "03 intercourse adventurous". Then number each action as well, for instance an action titled "backrub" would be retitled "023 backrub". Then in the action file "03 intercourse adventurous" and action ""023 backrub" credit section under the "general" tab, write "03-023 Johny" (where Johny gets the credit, if there is no need for a credit, simply write "03-023") This makes it very easy to later find the action file that needs to be changed or deleted.

Of course, this is not possible to do to the "basic actions" file, or if it is, I'm not aware of how.
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Re: How do you set up your Game?

Postby shankscomp » Wed Dec 29, 2010 1:07 pm

I've gone thru the basics file and changed all of the times from over 2 minutes down to like 90 seconds. There's just some actions that it kills too much time doing. I'm not one for using my tongue on the wife's clit much, but I'll do it for a short time and not a 3 or 4 minute marathon! You get my point! lol...

But what I do is save the new basics file as a new name, then when I start the game, just uncheck the original basics file. Once I feel confident I have everything, I'll just delete the original basics file and then be on my way! So, yes Chustme, you can edit the basics file and delete it if you decide to.
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Re: How do you set up your Game?

Postby Beechstreet129 » Thu Jun 20, 2013 5:32 pm

After playing Bliss for a while and reading the posts here, I think the overriding theme seems to be, "I want to make sure the game is as different as possible each time to keep it interesting, but I've got some favorites I want to make sure happens too." I can understand those points of views.

I think the actions selection generator deep inside the game is pretty robust at randomizing. However, there is also a predictable "logic" to the science of human foreplay that goes over and above the game itself: certain things need to happen at fairly specific times, and certain actions will naturally follow other actions. Thus, despite the fact that there are 800+ basic actions that can be played + bunches of other actions in the exchange forum, since many of these actions are specific to certain circumstances or intended functions, I can see where repeats can arise. But it's not any programming problem or issue. I think the solution is to embrace the overriding principles the game is based on. Here is what I mean:

First, I take a minimalist approach to creating action files. I have a few basic files: 1) a file containing a few preference overrides of the basic actions, 2) a file for actions I've created, 3) a file for the best user-submitted actions taken off the forum. The 3rd file has a lot of actions, but I've pretty much only included actions that seem unique (too many actions, and some things will essentially never play). One of the benefits of this strategy is that I am not constantly creating files for a specific intent. Speaking only for myself, I started out attempting just that, only to realize I was trying to "Game" the system (trying to have things occur that I wanted to experience rather than allowing the randomness of the game to play itself out).

Second, my theory is that if you always come to the game with the same "state" and repeat your choices, you are prone to see repeats. In other words, I think the game is affected by our choices or lack thereof. So here are some things I do to help make each session different:
1) wear different clothes (as in varying garment types and numbers, not just a different set of slacks, for instance)
2) don't bring in every toy for every game. decide what the mood of the day requires.
3) maybe not select a certain action file for a particular game.
4) vary my mood (because my mood DOES vary) and game speed vs. just assuming I'm starting at the same place and speed as the previous time.
5) Don't build the same properties in the same order, and vary the "work or pay" answers depending upon my mood.
6) Be content that some actions I really want may not be selected by the engine.

Items 1-5 can be done based on what my natural inclination is (for instance, some days I want to dress up for my spouse. Other days, jeans and a shirt are fine). Item 6 embraces the fact that I'm letting a game dictate my intimacy to a certain point-which is the fun part of it. These steps seem to keep each session lively.
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