Choosing blindfold also selects butt plug

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Choosing blindfold also selects butt plug

Postby roj » Thu Apr 14, 2016 7:46 pm

This is an Action Editor bug: I am editing the "FromExchange" actions that I've downloaded from the forum. Under "Equipment", there are additional equipment items that can be selected under the "From Exchange" list (these are in addition to the "Standard" equipment items). For some reason, if you select "Blindfold" from the list, the "Butt Plug" will also get selected. You won't see it at first; but if you select a different action, then come back, the "Butt Plug" will also be selected in the equipment list. Even if you uncheck it, select a different action, and come back; the "Butt Plug" will be selected again.

The "work around" is just to select the box that "Only one of the items checked needs to be available". I don't have a Butt Plug, so the Blindfold is valid
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Re: Choosing blindfold also selects butt plug

Postby Don » Fri Apr 15, 2016 11:13 am

A butt Plug is not one of the standard toys in the game. This means this item was added as a piece of custom equipment. Unfortunately, whoever added it copied and pasted it instead of creating a new item. The Action Editor treats copied and pasted items as the same item so that an item can be moved from one file to another and it will be treated as a single toy within the game.

If you don't need a butt plug in the file you are editing, just choose Custom | Equipment from the main menu and then select the butt plug and click Delete. Then it will be gone.

If you do need it, Delete it as described above, then put it back in using the Insert button in the same screen.

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