Action vs Arousal

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Action vs Arousal

Postby Exardious » Thu Aug 31, 2006 7:05 am

Hi there

I just discovered a possible bug. I requested a feature yesterday, for minimum lvl AND max lvl for actions. As it turns out, it was implemented in v. 1.5, which i just missed out on, when i downloaded the trial. Then yesterday as i was testing (sorry can't help it, im a software developer myself) i discovered that i got some actions which i shouldn't. For example, kissing in the neck is set from 2 to 6. But i got an action that person x had to kiss person y in the neck for 3 seconds, when i was at lvl 9 (nuclear). Might be a "bad" setup of the action itself, maybe missing a category? But it was in the basic action pack.

Johnni Jensen, Denmark

PS. If you want some help testing, debugging or coding new features, just contact me. Im a sotware developer and write program in .net every day.
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Postby Don » Thu Aug 31, 2006 7:54 am


Thanks for your report.

There are actually various reasons why what you saw could take place. Of course there could easily be a bug also.

The game algorithm will always attempt to honor the min and max passion levels. It will honor the minimum passion level absolutely. It will never give a player an action that would be "too hot" for their current passion level. However, the max passion level is less rigid. The game will honor that number if it can. However, there are circumstances where it can't. The most likely one is that all of the high level actions that would apply to that situation have already been played. Another would be that all of the high level actions left require toys that are not available or require the players to be dressed or undressed to a specific level.

Because of this, it is sometimes hard to tell if there is a real bug or if the game is having to resort to lower level actions because it doesn't have anything high level available.

Another thing that can sometimes make this happen is when an action is assigned to multiple categories (which is very common). An action that said "hold her in your arms while you give her a deep french kiss" would be assigned to both hugging and french kissing. In that case, whichever category was set higher by the user would be the dominant category. So if hugging was set for 1-3 and french kissing was set for 4-6 (these aren't the real numbers, just an example) this action could play at 4-6 even though it included hugging.

I will PM you further information on tracking down this class of problems.


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