Demo of new version?

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Demo of new version?

Postby je32767 » Fri Mar 31, 2006 6:19 pm

We tried the demo back in December, and liked it. though with two reservations: (1) we did feel like the game started dragging toward the end while we were waiting for a "concluding event" to come up--which never did), and (2) the frequency with which one or the other of us landed in jail (and the fact that the whole jail scenario is a turn-off).

Given (a) the new version release, (b) the existence of user-submitted actions that weren't there when we examined the software, and (c) my uncertainty as to whether the jail events can be completely turned off, I was hoping to try the demo over...but can't manage to do that even after a complete uninstall.

I'm reluctant to drop the money right now in light of our uncertainty about whether the issues we identified in December are still there.

Is there any remedy other than waiting until we need to reinstall Windows next anyway? :-)

Thanks for your understanding w/what could be seen as an impertinent (if well-intentioned) question.
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Postby Don » Mon Apr 03, 2006 9:46 am


The game has not changed much in the areas that you describe. The jail is the same as it has always been and the basic game still stops short of actual intercourse, although the add-on packs certainly do include that. Based on the issues you describe, I don't think you will find the game anymore to you liking now than you did then.

I find your comments about the jail interesting. In general, people have commented on the jail as being one of the funnest parts of the game. Getting stuck in jail and having to bribe your partner to get out is generally regarded as fun, and many people have tole me that they enjoyed that greatly. But then we all have our own tastes.

Unfortunately, the trial period is designed to be difficult to reset (for obvious reasons). I can't even reset it without writing code to do it. So I am afraid that the only real option is to purchase the game.


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