Ipad add-ons and action editor

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Ipad add-ons and action editor

Postby Crumpinfox » Tue Nov 21, 2017 8:48 am

Hi all,
I have had the iPad version for quite some time now and have purchased both add-ons. Reading through posts last night I found on where Don said you can use the editor with the trail version on pc with the editor to edit files for IPad. I was excited as I want to remove some actions from the add-ons. I purchased the editor key but when I open it there are actions listed. I read the manual but it seems the actions should be listed but thinking it may be because I don't own the pc version. Can I upload my iPad purchases to the editor somehow? Can't seem to find a topic on this. I'm an Android guy attempting to figure out IOS. Think it would be easy to find the .bjf files on Android but striking out with the iPad. Help would be appreciated.
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