download action pack 1

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download action pack 1

Postby Dmccauley60 » Sat Aug 16, 2014 9:08 pm

Hello. I can't download action pack 1 to my iphone 4 with safari or chrome.
Help please
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Re: download action pack 1

Postby DaveBliss » Wed Aug 27, 2014 12:30 pm

This issue was solved via email exchange. For future reference of anyone else who may run into this issue:

Normally you add action packs to the iPhone version of Bliss by visiting the Settings section of the app and choosing Get Action Packs. However in this case I believe the action pack was purchased on the web site.

Action packs purchased at take just a few more steps to add to Bliss on the iPhone or iPad. First you need to download the action pack on a Mac or PC. After you download the action pack on your Mac or PC double-click on it to open it. This should open up a folder with three files inside it. One of them should be a BJF file, i.e. its name should end with .bjf. This is the file you need to copy to Bliss on your iPhone or iPad.

You can find instructions for copying it to Bliss by opening Bliss on the iPhone or iPad, tapping on Help and then tapping on Importing Your Files. You can skip over most of the text to the section named Adding Files Via Email or the section named Adding Files Through iTunes, depending on which method you want to use.
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