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Profile Migration Question

Postby ctlw83 » Fri Nov 29, 2013 10:29 am


First off, thank you for this program. It really helps my wife and I to have some fun, while enhancing our intimate relationship.

We are currently using the free Android version of Bliss. It is a lot of fun, even without access to all the clothing options, etc. However, I do plan on eventually buying the full PC version with action editor.

I already have the demo version installed on my computer and decided I would try to copy the profiles my wife and I set up in the Android version to the PC version and see if they migrated. There was no "profiles" folder in the PC version so, I created one. I actually had to create the Actions folder in the Android version so, I thought nothing of it. However, after going into the PC version and checking the profiles area, the profiles which I had moved over weren't listed.

Is there a way to migrate the profiles or, is there an incompatibility there between the Android and PC versions?
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