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Vortex Destination Square

PostPosted: Sun Dec 15, 2013 6:12 pm
by ctlw83
This could have been coincidence but, I figured I would mention it, just to be safe. That last time my wife and I played, she had purchased un-owned property and then built a gym. Eventually, I ended up hitting the Vortex. It sent me to her gym, which was no big deal. I progressed up the board on my next turn, hit the Vortex again and got sent back to the gym again.

I understand that positions are most likely picked at random. However, I wanted to mention being sent to the same destination twice, just in case it is something which can be reproduced, or has been witnessed by other users.

I cannot remember if it was my wife's only property on the board both times or not. I am pretty sure it was on the first time through the Vortex but, am not sure about the second time.

I also have no way of verifying if this happens in other versions of the game.