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Special Request Action

PostPosted: Mon Nov 15, 2010 8:19 pm
by christianlover

I got to thinking about how the money might play a larger role in the game. Do you think it would be possible for each player to choose certain actions (say 3) during setup that they very much would like to see happen during the game? In order to limit this, I would recommend that the game provide a list of possibilities from the Action Sets selected and limit the possible actions to 10-20 from which to choose. The players could then make their 3 choices, but only 1 could appear during the game.

For the Special Request Action to trigger, the player would have to have enough money in his or her account as well as being at the appropriate level in the game. Because it is a Special Request, the beginning cost I would recommend would be $1000. Then, each game level would cost additional money increasing at levels of, say, $250. This would mean that:

Level 1: $1000
Level 2: $1250
Level 3: $1500
Level 4: $1750
Level 5: $2000
Level 6: $2250
Level 7: $2500
Level 8: $2750
Level 9: $3000

This would automatically give players an incentive to save their money and therefore make such choices more meaningful. It also would add another level of surprise and suspense into the game by providing added anticipation in hopes of seeing the Special Request. This also fulfills a place when someone (or both) might really have something in particular in mind but still wish to play the game to get there.

I'm sure that some aspects would require adjustment because I did not try a simulation to see if the money amounts are practical, but I wanted to post this before I forgot. I do not even know if it is doable. But you don't know until you ask!

Re: Special Request Action

PostPosted: Thu Nov 25, 2010 12:41 pm
by Don
That is a pretty cool idea. I can think of a lot of things that this could be used for.

I will put this high on our new feature list.


Re: Special Request Action

PostPosted: Thu Dec 02, 2010 2:59 pm
by christianlover
Thanks, Don.

I am so glad I could contribute something.

Keep up the good work!

Re: Special Request Action

PostPosted: Mon Jul 01, 2013 3:02 pm
by heda
any plan of implementing this idea? I really think it would bring a good new dimension to the game.

Re: Special Request Action

PostPosted: Thu Jul 25, 2013 8:33 pm
by blushingbride
Interesting idea. We never take any notice of the money unless it impacts our property purchases. Money is a total non event in our game. I think my husband might go for this, though.