What i would like to see...

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What i would like to see...

Postby Mario » Fri Dec 31, 2010 12:17 am

Hi to all especially to Don, thanks for this game, its a great game, but i leave my wish list. :D
Well one thing that i think its important its a return button, sometimes we press enter unintentionally and the action pass.
Another thing its the action editor, when we have a action that we don't want to happen to soon or to late, should must be more user friendly to edit that action, like the slider for the passion level, we simple just select the level of passion with the sliders for that action and save, and then that action only happen at that levels, an example that happens a lot its an action to remove all cloths at a very low level of passion, it happens to me a lot, last time i was at level 6 with the original file.
This was what i really think its missing.

What i would like to see..., but that i think will almost need a new game, its like de Monogamy board game has you can see here.
http://www.tingleandtwitch.com/blog/rom ... me-adults/ (here you can read the rules)
With more squares and only do the actions of that square in there, a possibility to choose the number of laps around the board to end the game, with that the passion level will rise like the laps you choose, and at the end we could have a fantasy action with the option to choose some.
I think some of the rules would be fun to apply on bliss, with the advantage that the bliss is a computer game with AI.



Ps: sorry for my english
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