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Priority Options

Postby Xenon » Sat Jan 15, 2011 6:17 pm

I have thought of a few things I'd like to see, but in the end, I think they boil down to the same functionality - priority control.

I also some suggestions for implementation ...

Ideas I like to see:
1) Post Game Feedback. After the game is "over", ask the players their favorite, or three favorite actions. Then have the program "remember" those answer, and make them more like to occur next time you play. After we play, we often talk about what we thought was most fun in the game. Hopefully without this being TMI, for example, after we played recently, my wife said "I thought the bear hug dancing was lots of fun, and I actually like the doctor's office examination too, but I didn't like the spanking ones." Now, I can go in and edit the actions to get rid of the spanking, but I don't really have a way to go in and increase the likihood of the bear hug dancing happening again next time we play.

2) Early game lead-ins. I would like to see the game ask questions early in the game that help steer the game later on. As an example, when someone lands on the "hotel" early in the game, the action could be something like "You have stayed in our Hotel before. Was there anything our staff did for you that made your stay extra special?' And then use that information to select later actions.

I think both of these could be done in two ways....

A) "High Priority" toggle button. Similar to the "last resort" toggle button on the actions, but opposite in effect. If this toggle button is set on, then the Bliss AI Engine uses that action (when the right level, players, rolls, etc are meet) rather than other actions that are equally appropriate at that point in the game.

B) "High Priority" toggles in the profiles. In the Profile, in addition to setting levels for each catagory of action when you would like them to come up, you could pick an catatory or three that you say are your favorites. Then, when the game gets to a point where it has multiple actions to choose from, if one of those actions has one of a players priority catagories, then the AI engine chooses that actions.

(We love the game, and like how we can "take out" stuff we don't like, which I think is important. These are about "putting in" stuff we do like to happen more often.)

I think these would help with the "personalization" of the game ... and help the engine select actions that more specifically help get the players excited.

It would be a balance ... one nice thing about the game is that asks you to do new things, and the game wouldn't be as fun if it always had the same actions. So you should have more than a couple actions with the high priority toggle set or catagories with the high priorit toggle set.

Anyway, that my suggestion ...
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Re: Priority Options

Postby LXK8 » Tue Jan 18, 2011 9:02 am

I like 'Option B'.
I think it is a great idea to further sutomize the game.
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