sharing information on progress

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sharing information on progress

Postby duke2k » Tue Sep 27, 2011 12:46 pm

hi don,

i think it would be great if you could inform us on progress with bliss.
in the period where you developed bliss for iphone i thought bliss is dead because nothing has happend here.
then you surprised us with the release...
i would appreciate more information about developing status.
sorry for my probably poor english... :)

kind regards

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Re: sharing information on progress

Postby Atom » Mon Nov 07, 2011 4:33 am

I second that.

Is there an upcomming features list?
Perhaps you could put up a list of possible features and we could vote for the ones we would like to see included in the next release?

Great game BTW!
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Re: sharing information on progress

Postby squarepeg » Mon Nov 07, 2011 5:25 pm

While your request sounds reasonable from a user's point of view, it is different on the other end.

1) Pretend you are working on a complicated task. Can you say in advance all the difficulties you will encounter? And how long it will take to resolve them? See the problem? Sometimes one feature has to be dropped to allow the working version to progress.

2) If you do make a guess about when you expect to finish something, and miss your target, your users are disappointed. Predicting readiness is nothing but a liability for a developer.

3) Also factor in that Don is in business and must make marketing decisions as well. This is probably why the iPhone version came out before the Android version, even though the later is an easier port.

4) Don has produced the "best of its kind" (maybe the only of its kind) software. I've never been disappointed with the newer versions, and think it is best if we learn to wait patiently. On many occasions Don has given feedback that he wants to include a feature request in the next or future version. But each request has to be evaluated as to its feasibility and cost, which takes time also.

Like other Bliss fans, I eagerly await the next version too.
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