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Any chance of a Windows 7 update?

PostPosted: Thu Dec 29, 2011 4:33 am
by Anon
A bit has changed and using the action editor won't function without a lot of work making ghost folders, and I don't know if that will work. There is no longer an AppData folder and the program doesn't look in it's own installation folder for the information.

I've just started using this so maybe it's just me with the problem, but when I go back and edit one person's clothing using the advanced editor, I can't access the other person's clothing editor. If I select "clothing editor" from the menu, I go straight back to the last advanced editor with "finish" as the only option out.

Just realized that if you download the files to your typical 'download' folder, with six clicks in the action editor you can indeed access the downloaded acts or whatever, and then click on 'file/save as' and the default folder saves that file where the program will easily find it. But you'll have to do this with every file.

Re: Any chance of a Windows 7 update?

PostPosted: Fri Dec 30, 2011 9:48 am
by Don

Bliss is currently designed to work properly under Windows 7.

Under Windows 7, files that are installed with a piece of software go under the "Program Files" structure. However, files that are created / modified by the program during runtime are stored in the users AppData structure, which is still very much a part of Windows 7.

So in Bliss 1.6, it looks in two different location for Action files. It looks in the folder where the game is installed and it also looks under the users AppData folder structure. The Action Editor opens up into the AppData folder structure by default because that is where user edited files are supposed to go. In the rare occasion that you want to look at the files that ship with the game in the Action Editor, you can browse there.

The issue you mention with the Advanced Clothing Editor has always been present in the game and has nothing to do with Windows 7. When you use the Advanced Clothing Editor, it is possible to create clothing combinations that are impossible to represent in the Basic Clothing Editor. So once a user uses the Advanced Clothing Editor in a game, the game will now always show that player the Advanced Clothing Editor.