Comments from my better half

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Comments from my better half

Postby Tater » Sun May 21, 2006 10:23 am

After a hot game of Bliss last night, Mrs Tater had the following comments with which I agree:

When game got to the Nuclear level, some much "cooler" actions would appear which she/we felt were counter-productive to the current mood.

The game lacked in having a conclusion. I.E. nothing that would suggest "hey the game is over now it is time to turn off the computer and ....."

Felt it odd that game does not end with a 'winner'.

Suggested game might have an option at the beginning to enter a "reward" for each player if they win, assuming that the winner is the one with most money left at end.

For example -- "A nice dinner at Olive Garden", "Rub my feet before bed for a week", "A quickie at lunchtime at least once this week" etc....

(PS: Getting tired of my posts yet? :twisted: )
Later, Tater
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Postby Don » Sun May 21, 2006 6:05 pm


The lack of an ending to the game is something that has been discussed quite a bit on the forum. Some support adding an endgame, others like it the way it is. I think that in a future release of the game we will be adding an option for an end point in the game, although what the actual trigger will be is still TBD.

As far as low level actions coming in at the end of the game goes, this can happen if the game goes for a long time. The first priority of the action selection code is to choose actions that have not been used yet. So if all of the high level actions for a given situation are used, it might have to resort to pulling up low level actions, even at the end of the game.

This will be resolved over time with more actions being available, although I have thought about modifying the algorithim some. Also, the endgame could help with this.


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When the game is ''over"...

Postby Dr. D. Light » Mon Jun 12, 2006 1:42 am

Well, I personally think that the best part of Bliss (and the Add-on Packs of course!) is that both players should end up "winners" and there shouldn't really be any "losers".

However, as I have been working on the Action Packs, I consider the game to be "over" -- when all the property has been purchased, and a building/business is in place (no unfinished land left), and then you get your game pieces around the board one more time! The first partner to do that "wins" -- and then you have to also see who has the most $$$$ at the 'end of the game".

Or - whomever is too 'pooped to participate' anymore, concedes the game to their partner. :P

Dr. D. Light
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