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Postby davidy » Sun May 13, 2012 11:41 pm

Hello Don,
I have just installed Bliss for the first time and think it will be great.
However, when playing around with the action editer I quickly noticed the absence of a couple of features, perhaps they could be included in a future version?

First, I noticed that when add-ons are installed, you start the game and all the add-ons are ticked by default. Perhaps it would be better if we could select our preferred usual ones and have that selection saved, rather than having to go down the checklist each time?
The reason? Well, see below; and also that would avoid one administrative task at a point in time when, for some reason, you realy may not be in the mood for doing to much administration. (Can't imagine why??)

Second, there is an "install add-ons" menu item, but no "remove add-ons". I know that files can be removed manually, but unfortunately there are still a lot of people around who are really not all that techno-savvy.

Third, in the action editor, would it be possible to include a check-box, perhaps- below the "last resort only" box, that would be named "temporarily disable this selection"? Or perhaps "enable / disable" radio buttons?
This is because there may be certain times when not all selections within a given action file may be appropriate or even possible (for example, as the result of temporary illness or injury - OK, so I am showing my and my wifes ages!) but you still wish to retain them as they are for later use.

Don, I think your product is excellent and a despirately needed toy in this day and age when far to many people associate love and sex with the wrong way of living rather than being the beautiful and fully healthy gift to married couples that God meant it to be. Thank you for all of your work and effort with this project.
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