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Clothing Suggestions

Postby LXK8 » Wed Nov 28, 2012 8:21 am

I'm reposting since this didn't get any comments in the "Tech Talk" forum.
I've also included some new suggestions

Some clothing suggestions:
I've included some that are similar to existing clothing.
My wife won't "RENAME" an existing item so it would make the game easier to setup.

For Women:
Add "Tube Top" ; similar to "Corset" although short/medium/long options would be nice
Add "Halter Top"; Ties behind back & neck and only covers the breasts
Modify "Bikini Top" to look like "Halter Top" listed above. Right now it looks like a bra.
Modify "Bra" to include Demi or shelf options.
Add "G-String" style panties.
Modify "Bodystocking" to include open bust option.
Modify "Babydoll" to include strapless and open bust options.
Add an Apron Style Babydoll.
Modify "Bikini Top" & "Bikini Bottom" to include string style (VERY minimal) option.
Add "Choker" style necklace; not a high priority but it might be nice.
Add Non-Piercing Clitoris & Nipple jewelry (Removing and Replacing this would add a lot of fun).
Modify "Pasties" to include a twirling style option. This could add some interesting activities.

For Men:
Modify "Thong" to include a pouch option (Waistband and penis/scrotum cover with no string between the legs)
Modify "Briefs" & "Thong" to include exposed penis and exposed scrotum options
Add "Shaft Cover" with open tip option; Only covers the penis shaft
Add "Ball Cover" that only covers the scrotum
Add ""Sack" style that ties or has elastic that covers ONLY the penis & scrotum; (NO waist or leg strings).
Add "G-String" style thong
Modify Briefs to include a bikini style option
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