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remove temporarily

Postby squarepeg » Sat Sep 07, 2013 3:43 am

Would it be feasible to add a checkbox to the AE tabs for Subject & Partner Clothing to say "temporarily remove" (this turn only). The result would be that the clothing state would not change, but the other selectors could remain the same ("1 item", "whatever it takes", "All Areas Checked"). This can be done now by the written text instructions, but if "temp remove" was integrated into the AE, it could name the item(s) to be temporarily removed using the existing controls. Maybe it would make setting the categories more accurate?

Guard Romeo is suspicious and will take (1 item of clothing) and check it carefully for contraband. Finding nothing, Juliet get it back.

Juliet has been provoked and will punish Romeo's bare bottom. Romeo will remove (whatever it takes, bottom) until Juliet has her satisfaction.
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