Improved reporting from the action editor.

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Improved reporting from the action editor.

Postby Old Silverback » Sat Sep 07, 2013 3:57 pm

A problem with the "The Exchange" is that unless one has the Action Editor, one cannot see what's in a given action package on The Exchange.

I've written some code to post-process the clipboard (after an Action Editor Export to Clipboard) and format the things so they are more readable on the screen and write it to a text file which authors could then upload along with the .bjf file. I've also found this text file to be handy for proofreading.

There are a couple of improvements to the Action Editor which would help my code:

- At the beginning of the export, output put the .bjf filename, and the Name, Description, and Priority of the action package. This would allow my code to pick a sensible default for the output text file name.

- The items in the list of situations are separated by apostrophes rather than ", ". Given that one of the standard situations (Doctor's Office) contains an aporstrophe, this could be a problem.

- It currently outputs "Equipment :" instead of "Equipment: "

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