Monies To End Game/Movie Theatre

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Monies To End Game/Movie Theatre

Postby Abcde » Wed Dec 16, 2015 1:11 pm

Hi there,
I think the game would benefit from End Game actions which can only appear once a player/both players reach a certain sum of money. For example, if one player reaches, say, 10k, then actions will start appear for them in which they choose a position/sexual act to end the game with or again instructions on acts to perform but ones which will likely end the game. I think adding this feature would give the money aspect more of a purpose as well as adding to the anticipation of the game as players see their money going up. I tried making some actions of my own which were End Game material, I made it so they'd only appear when both players were nuclear, but they still just appeared a bit too early and we weren't ready to end the game so we skipped them. Obviously as a feature it would be better if players could toggle it on or off during game setup.

Another feature I think would work for some people would be a movie theatre square in which either an image or video shot during the current or a previous game of Bliss were viewable as part of the game. Obviously if people want to review what they have done they can do so any time but I feel like people would enjoy being prompted to view their pictures/footage as part of the game.
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