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Scoring of Actions after the game

PostPosted: Wed Oct 02, 2019 3:32 pm
by Xenon
One thing I really like is that you can customize what you like .... I have a suggestion for an improvement on that ...

After the game is "over", (or maybe during), have a chance to "score" your favorite actions. Then the program can use that information next time to make it slightly more likely for that action to come up again.

So, several actions gets a "score" assigned to the ... +5 (or -5 for actions you didn't like), that is stored perhaps in the action file or perhaps in the profile somewhere.

Then the next time you play, the program looks for actions with positive scores, and makes is more likely to pick those again. (Or similar ones).

For example, one time we played there was a "Pirate" action, that my Wife really liked (she was a captive and I was the Pirate!). But that action has never ever come back up again.

Just a thought