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Ability to Edit

Postby borishostage » Sun Dec 29, 2019 11:35 am


I have used the android version of the game and have the action editor and the game has been a great purchase. I just wish there was an ability to customize it further. My imagination allows me to thinks of ways to add to the game, but the ideas are somewhat constrained by the action editor restrictions. I am looking at customizing the game for some role play scenarios for me and my wife. I am having issues with a few things that simply cannot be edited.

1. Clothing
I can not add new clothing items or rename any of the hard coded clothing items. Examples include
- I cannot have a 'hat' for the male player (yet it is allowed for the female)
- we use the word 'socks' rather than stockings for the male player, and the female player could have socks or stockings (different than socks)
- modern clothing items such as 'yoga pants' are not in the list
- role play costume items cannot be added to list

2. The default situations cannot be turned on or off. I understand that the starting game board situations must be locked (although it might be nice to be able to change or modify the one situational building (Broadway) for role play theming). However the list of optional buildings (cabaret, dance hall etc.) would be nice if they could be turned off or renamed to match a theme. They clog up the screen when you add your own themed role play locations which are added to the bottom of the list. Also, since you cannot prevent someone from choosing the default locations, you must have actions that don't fit the theme. Of course players can both agree not to build certain types of buildings when playing, but it can be difficult to remember which of the default ones you are allowed to use and which not to use when in the middle of play and it would be more smooth to stay in theme without having to do so.

3. I recognize that the purpose of the game is to improve intimacy rather than be a full game, but it would help the imaginative interactions to have the money mechanism provide some meaning. This is a major change that is probably beyond the scope of what is possible, but I thought I would mention it anyways.

I notice that the game has not been updated for quite some time. Is this something that is an ongoing project, or has it sort of stopped development? If development has stopped, would you ever consider handing the reins on to the world at large or to persons to continue with development?
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