Clothing Remove Request

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Clothing Remove Request

Postby 2tall » Thu Feb 16, 2006 12:08 am

We played the game twice and both times, by the middle of the game, one of us was wearing a lot more clothes than the other. The game seemed to try and fix this (via the Vortex, etc) but in both games, after being sent, via the Vortex, to a Strip Club, the action didn't result in any clothing being removed.

It would be nice if, when such a imbalance exists, to favor actions that result in an item of clothing being removed.

(But I have to admit the frustration did add some to the overall excitment of the game.)

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Postby Don » Thu Feb 16, 2006 12:55 am


Thanks for the input on this. We are starting to observe a subtle problem in some of the games action selection AI, and it seems like this describes it very well. We are working on understanding this completely. Once we do, a bug fix should be straightforward. What seems to happen is that a large number of the higher level events assume that the players are already undressed, and they are not, there are not enough playable events at that level to correct the problem.

Anyway, I appreciate this input, it is somthing that we are aware of it, but do not fully understand yet, and this sort of input really helps with tracking it down.


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Clothing Imbalance

Postby Xenko » Fri Feb 17, 2006 4:03 pm

I have also noticed this happening, where one person may be completely nude, while the other person has only removed one or two articles of clothing.

Several actions involve removing articles of clothing, and then placing them back on when the given action is completed. A (hopefully temporary) solution that I have used is to just keep the clothing off, and then modify what the computer thinks the person is wearing (only interrupts gameplay slightly).

Maybe the game could be programmed so that both players will be wearing (approximately) the same number of articles of clothing. Thus if person A is still wearing 2 articles of clothing, and person B still has 4 or 5, person B will be guaranteed to remove a clothing article on their subsequent turn. To solve the problem of higher level events not requireing clothing removal, you could:

a) Give people lower level events that requires clothing removal, even if the players are at much higher passion levels (ie: a passion level 4 clothing removal event, when the person is at passion level 7).

b) Introduce "random events" where, before a player can roll, a pop-up box or something can appear telling them to remove <insert clothing article here> before they can roll. This would enable clothing to be removed, even if a person is not landing on events that require clothing removal. There are variations of this that could also work: You are caught "speeding" and must pay a fine or take off a clothing article, or something else, I'm sure other people are more creative than I am.

I have also noticed that later on in the game, money is no longer an issue and I am rolling in the cash. Maybe there can be a way to "purchase" an article of your partner's clothing before you roll. Different clothing articles could have different prices etc. Or introduce some other way to "spend" money when you get a lot of excess.

Anyways, just a few ideas. My fiancee and I really enjoy the game. Keep up the good work. And good job with the new website layout. Looks great.
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