Various Suggestions/thoughts/questions

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Various Suggestions/thoughts/questions

Postby LXK8 » Thu May 07, 2009 10:42 am

Male Clothing:
Socks should replace stockings
Include a pouch option for the thong; I have several that have no bottom straps; just a waistband and pouch

Female Clothing:
Bikini top looks like a bra; include halter and string options
Bikini bottom; include string option
Include tube (strapless) option for tops and dresses
Include halter style option for bras, tops, dress and babydolls
Include removeable (non-piercing) nipple and clitoris jewelry
Include pastie option

Action Editor:
It would be really nice to have a builtin spelling checker
How many characters are allowed in the 'OPTION' boxes??
A second (maybe even a third) 'ACTION' option box; would allow for the timer to run when the player has different actions to choose from.
A percentage option for the 'MONEY CHANGE' selections; instead of paying $200, you would pay 10% of what you have.
For the % option, a way to specify that the money goes to the partner or is just paid to the 'bank'.

Bliss Itself:
It seems that the game tends to use the same actions over & over even though some other actions NEVER seem to appear.
More variety (randomness) in what clothing is replaced; currently it tends to be the last item removed.
More randomness in how long a replaced item is left on; currently it tends to be removed the very next turn about 98% of the time.
What is supposed to happen when someone selects the 'DECLINE OPTION' ???
Sometimes another action is selected; sometimes the turn ends.
A limit to how many 'DECLINES' can be selected in a row during a turn.
A startup or .BDF option to limit the number of each property that can be built; right now the players could buld 10 cabarets if they want.

That's all I can think of for now.

Thoughts, everyone???
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Re: Various Suggestions/thoughts/questions

Postby luvher » Thu May 07, 2009 12:45 pm

Hello LXK8
Many good suggetions that I would agree with.
I have also noticed that many of the same actions come up evertime you play a new game.

One more suggestion as mentioned before, is for a way of testing the action files. I tried starting the game with only the newly created action file but it's just by chance that you land on the squares that you what to test and I find that not all of the action will open.
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