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Postby jcollins » Sun Apr 11, 2010 1:26 am

Hi Don ,

I dont think I have ever taken the time to write to any company or person about a product / service before. So , for what its worth - your in the minority. Find it difficult to do the whole gushing praise thing - BUT - I will make an exception for this. Almost every time anyone of the married / responsible genre goes on-line and searches for something naughty they are met with a 19yr old completely naked & engaging in "Hollywood" theatrics.

"Bliss" is a first for me - in the 20 years since I have been working - its a simple & great game. As they say - It does "exactly what it says on the tin". The game is straightforward and massively enjoyable for normal people, evening offering the option to sneakily spice it up via the action editor - brilliant!

For anyone else that reads this - the platform is simple to understand , the basic game is very good fun and the overall pack (action editor) has the ability to bring out the best / worst (!) in your sex life. I have bought many things over the years - this rates as one of more the memorable ones.

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