Bliss and jBliss 1.6 Released

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Bliss and jBliss 1.6 Released

Postby Don » Sat Sep 25, 2010 12:23 pm

We are pleased to announce that Bliss and jBliss Versions 1.6 have been released and are available for download from our website.

This is the first version of both products based on our new common code base which will allow us to make improvments and enhancements to the game at a faster pace than we have in the past.

Licenses purchased for earlier versions of Bliss will continue to work with Version 1.6

Those who are upgrading from a previous version should note the following:

  • All music is now managed internally to Bliss. Windows Media Player is no longer used. This means that you will need to re-enter your playlists if you have customized them.
  • Bliss 1.6 only uses the new format Action files (.bjf files). The older format files (.bdf files) are no longer supported. If you have .bdf files you want to use, you can use our online action file converter at
  • Profiles from earlier versions of Bliss are not usable with Bliss 1.6. You will need to create new profiles. jBliss profiles are still usable.

We hope you enjoy Bliss and jBliss versions 1.6.

Please contact us at if you have any questions or difficulties.
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