Medieval Quest

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Medieval Quest

Postby Retep Enterprises » Thu Sep 09, 2021 10:55 am

This action pack is about collecting items and battling monsters to move through the story. I used player states to enable progress. It is more about progressing through the game to and end then just having random actions. The add on pack adds more story to the game so there is a little more to read if you want. Hopefully you all enjoy it. It's a bit different and that can be fun too :)

-Retep Enterprises

PS I also added location pictures which can add to the fun. Just copy and paste them into the same folder as your actions are. I haven't learned to zip files sorry.

I wasn't able to attach a txt file so below is the introduction story if you are interested. It's included as the first action in the add on pack.
Welcome to Medieval Quest.
You have entered the Sex Kingdom.
This land used to be a utopia, but now it is filled with danger and fear.

King Arthur Pendragon and Queen Viviane (Lady of the Lake) ruled with kindness and love.
Bard the Bowman of Laketown, Hercules, Icarus, and Merlin the magician assist the royal couple in keeping the kingdom safe.
Merlin cast a spell across that land that whenever the king and queen have sex in the castle bed chamber it sends feelings of peace and love throughout the land.
This makes the evil and dangerous creatures retreat to the caves and crevices of the dark mountains far from the kingdom.

Unfortunately war still came to the Sex Kingom.
Ares the god of war and Morgan le Fey using magic and influence gathered an army of evil creatures to thier side.
Medusas, grendles, dragons, griffens, minotaurs, trolls and gargoyles gather together and assault the land.
The royal court gathers all thier weapons and special items.
Arthur wields Excalibur, The Lady of the Lake grabs a magic wand, Bard gathers unbreakable arrows, Icarus straps on strong wings, Hercules puts on strength enhancing bracelets.
Merlin packs up the other set of wings, another wand, Elven invisibility cloaks, Oden's eye, a hand full of mirrors, and the key to the royal bed chamber.
Once the bed chamber is locked a magic spell prevents it from being destroyed.
They decided to lock the chamber and hide the key in case the battle goes ill.

The war is hard fought, but with Ares' tactics and Morgana's magic defeat seems eminent.
The royal court commissions Merlin to build an effective weapon against them.
In order for it to be a true success the weapon must be a symbol of love and peace.
Merlin is concerned about this weapon falling into the wrong hands so it is built in 7 pieces. 2 three piece spears and a coupler.
Merlin inscribes sex positions onto all the pieces and the symbol of the key and peace on the coupler.
The spears represent the royal couple and the coupler shows how they are joined together in love and peace.
Merlin then casts a spell on it to ensure it helps brings peace.

Unfortunately before the weapon can be assembled Ares and Morgan storm the castle with thier hordes.
Bard, Icarus and Hercules are turned to stone and locked in the dungeon.
Arthur and Viviane's memories are erased and they wander from the castle in seperate directions.
Merlin is able to excape with the coupler and key along with all of the other special items, but the spear pieces are left behind.
Morgana puts a spell on the Castle preventing any magical items from working inside the shield.
Morgana then levitates the castle and makes it invisible. All seems lost.

Morgan le Fey often binds all the spells together so Merlin is unable to lift the memory spell and can only help a little.
Merlin hides all the special items throughout the land and goes into hiding.
If you and <pn> are able to find all of the items you may also be strong enough to break the spell.

Good luck on your quest.

Please only build the Places/Situations included in this action pack listed below:
Forest, Market, Desert, Town, Farm, Lake, Ruins, Base Camp, Lodging, and Crater.
Town.bmp (17.5 KiB) Viewed 8386 times
Ruins.bmp (17.5 KiB) Viewed 8386 times
Market.bmp (17.5 KiB) Viewed 8386 times
Lodging.bmp (17.5 KiB) Viewed 8386 times
Lake.bmp (17.5 KiB) Viewed 8386 times
Forest.bmp (17.5 KiB) Viewed 8386 times
Farm.bmp (17.5 KiB) Viewed 8386 times
Desert.bmp (17.5 KiB) Viewed 8386 times
Base Camp.bmp
Base Camp.bmp (17.5 KiB) Viewed 8386 times
Medieval Quest Add On Expanded Story.bjf
More Backstory include
(41.06 KiB) Downloaded 1012 times
Medieval Quest.bjf
Collect items and defeat monsters
(75.31 KiB) Downloaded 1015 times
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Re: Medieval Quest

Postby Retep Enterprises » Sat Sep 25, 2021 8:28 pm

I made some modifications so the quest is a little more random as to when the items are gathered and added more actions. I also made it so you wouldn't get naked all at once which is a bit more fun. Some of the actions can repeat more than I'd like, but I think it flows pretty well. Below are a few notes and, of course, the action packs themselves.

-Using the android app the extended story version cuts off some of the story in the intro and epilogue.
-With the PC version if you find the text to be too small even when maximized, resize it then maximize it again and the text itself should resize.
-The Extended Story and Standard Packs are now stand alones so they they don't need to be combined. The actions themselves are exactly the same. One just has more wording.
-Technically when you click on "End Game" the player states are all reset and that basically restarts the quest. This can show you more actions you didn't see the first time around, but also is more apt to get caught in a loop and not progress the quest.
-I made an action file with just the necessary actions to progress through to the end. I thought that may be a helpful template for those of you action builders out there.

-Retep Enterprises

Medieval Quest Expanded Story.bjf
(108.72 KiB) Downloaded 1091 times

Medieval Quest.bjf
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Test Medieval Quest.bjf
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this is only to help with building packs and wouldn't be that fun on it's own.
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