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Postby Xenon » Sun Sep 29, 2013 6:38 pm

Ok, Here is a new property I have been thinking about ...
Thanks to several for some suggestions that have incorporated ... and I'd LOVE more suggestions and edits and corrections.

The idea is a quick "game within the game".... poker, battleship, scattagories, Risk, twister, etc....

Right now, each game comes with usually 3 or 4 intensity levels...
Low ... usually about hugs or telling something romantic
strip ... the loser loses some clothing
directed ... something about the game within the game tells you what you have to do
High ... a high level activity for the winner

So, for example ... card game "War"
Low level, has hugs or a massage
Strip level if the subject loses they have to take off a article of clothing
directed ... whatever the number was of the war dictates the action usually touching or kissing certain body parts
high ... "to the winner go the spoils of war" and the winner gets to pick something.

That pattern is held for most actions ....

I'd really like suggestions and comments on how to make this better, and more game ideas.

Also, I had to fudge some things to make the language work all the time (i.e. 'breasts" and "chest") so if I made mistake in there, please let me know to edit it.

I'd love more suggestions of catagories for the scattagories game, and perhaps better directed actions for the battleship game.

Also, I think the text may be too long in many cases ... I'd tried to figure out the shorted way to describe the "game within a game", but some are probably too long. Suggestions on shortening those texts would be welcome as well.


Anyway, hope you enjoy it ....

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Re: Game Room

Postby heda » Wed Oct 09, 2013 4:31 pm

Very good idea with games and I quite like many of the actions, although the text does get very long in some of them.

Personally, I have thought about creating more action where the dice would randomize the outcome, but have never managed to get to it. Ie very simply roll the dice and 1= ... 2= .... etc.. this could possibly be used to simplify some of the game 'rewards' as well. Just a thought..
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Re: Game Room

Postby Xenon » Wed Oct 16, 2013 7:06 am

I worried about the text being to long ....

Do think that the games are well enough known to just skip the instructions and get to results, or are some instructions on playing the games necessary?

Is it enough to just say "time for a sexy game of strip war! <SN> if you lose the war, you must remove <article of clothing>"
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