SCIFI Star Trek skin custom build & Action File

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SCIFI Star Trek skin custom build & Action File

Postby Ivo » Wed Jan 08, 2014 4:04 pm

This is a derivative work of the Space theme found in another thread. Hopefully, I've fixed some of the spelling errors on some of the past cards. I did run validator and I have edited the description ;)

Newest Skin LeCar Panel March 23 2014 Background is a LeCars Customized trek panel on minimalist black background - makes the game board pieces show up better less distraction.

(245.49 KiB) Downloaded 2015 times

(730.44 KiB) Downloaded 1982 times
UPDATED 3/20/2014 NEW LECARS style static game spaces

The Action FileUPDATED 2/15/2014 Over 25 new actions, spelling corrections and other corrections! 632 Actions - ditch the old file and replace it with this! Find the Borg joke and laugh your buns off!
(192.11 KiB) Downloaded 2097 times

Build Icons

(115.57 KiB) Downloaded 2109 times
Updated 2/15/14
These icons are better as they show a difference between operations, command, and science insignia-- taking it from the newer Trek reboot. It will now be easier to see which custom situation is being played.

I've left Spacesport as a category in the file, however there are three new custom Spaces that have a trek oriented theme: Command, Sciences, and Operations. They vary in intensity of color but have a ST comm badge.

Play options
Not all but most of each of these custom action cards are also linked to at least one other standard bliss situations. Medical is mixed under doctor and sciences some are unique to each situation. Command deals with officers, commands and tactics and direct orders. Sciences deals with crewmen, officers scientific studies planets and a gambit of activities related to this area. Operations, deals with engineering and service areas such as warp cores, jeffries tubes maitenance. Security has been left in standard Jail category and Judge for the majority of cards. Dance Hall, Cabaret and Broadway are similar entertainment cards. Massage is divided between categories but unique cards are in many of them. Specific Trek cards may apply to more than one custom icon such as a science officer and Command officer -- it appears in both command and science, Each custom category has between 36-50 action cards. These are mostly 5-9 rating for play.
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(816.23 KiB) Downloaded 2024 times
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Re: SCIFI Star Trek skin custom build & Action File

Postby Ivo » Sat Feb 01, 2014 5:32 pm

We haven't done this yet, but add a little more fun?

Must admit it is a bit too expensive for my budget, but it is an idea starter for a theme night! there are other themes available too.
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Re: SCIFI Star Trek skin custom build & Action File

Postby alyxlarsen » Tue Feb 11, 2014 2:30 pm

Great Idea, Cant Wait to try it out!!!
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