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OEM Questions

PostPosted: Sat Apr 12, 2014 8:19 pm
by ctlw83
There is a great Christian marriage resource out there called (note:it is pretty good for non-Christians too). I HIGHLY encourage visiting their site and listening to their podcast. They have a couple of free sets of questions designed to help improve multiple levels of intimacy, including sexual, spiritual, emotional, financial, recreational, etc.

I made an action file based off of two of their sets of questions and figured I would share it with the group. These are all lower-level actions and also will make for longer conversations, especially considering some of the topics covered so, if you or your spouse need more time to "connect" before being intimate, it may be ideal for you. I will also note that the action set targets married Christian couples, simply due to the fact that this is who the questions were originally designed for. You can modify if desired/needed.

This is my first action file

Also, here are links to the original question sheets if you would like them for your own reference:

77 Questions to Get the Conversation Started:
19 Questions to Amazing Sex With Your Spouse