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Retep Enterprises Actions

Postby Retep Enterprises » Sat May 26, 2018 10:55 am

The Master File is all the actions I've created (plus a few sex positions from another pack). I've also included the individual packs on their own. Hopefully all of these are coded properly, but please let me know if there is any tweaking to be done as there is only so much testing I can do. I was also unsure of which spaces to apply these too, but they should all makes sense. For some of the packs I created extra spaces to enable a more specialized experience. Unfortunately I don't believe these packs stand on their own, especially with the jail space, so you will need to have the Standard Bliss Actions activated. They will play without it, but you'll get a handful of "no suitable actions for this space" alerts, or the "last resort" actions I put in. I hope you all enjoy these.
-Retep Enterprises

Update: Unfortunately the original master pack I included copied the custom spaces a bunch of times so although it's usable it gives a bunch of duplicate build spaces which is annoying. I have replaced it with the most current one, which is the same as the post above this one. Incidentally, there have been several comments about wanting end game actions so I created several custom player states that once met will allow some end game actions to appear. They all have a keep playing option and even if you chose finish the game will keep going.
-Retep Enterprises
Retep Enterprises Master Actions.bjf
A collection of all Retep created Actions. New player states have also been added to allow End Game actions.
(112.09 KiB) Downloaded 1324 times
Sex Positions.bjf
Actions involving full on oral or penetrative sex. Includes a Hot House space. Some of these actions are from another action pack and are not made by me.
(21.38 KiB) Downloaded 1363 times
Role PlayA.bjf
Actions where you pretend to be someone else or in a situation you wouldn't typically find in everyday life. Includes a Role Play House space.
(20.58 KiB) Downloaded 1271 times
Misc Basic Actions.bjf
Actions that don't really fit into a specific theme
(30.14 KiB) Downloaded 1253 times
Handiman Services.bjf
Actions centered around building maintenance and repair. Includes a maintenance shack space.
(15.18 KiB) Downloaded 1302 times
Retep Enterprises
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