End Game Actions

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End Game Actions

Postby Retep Enterprises » Mon Jul 30, 2018 11:50 pm

I''ve seen several of you ask for end game options, so here something that might help. It seems the best way to initiate end game actions is to do it through player states. In other words, certain actions would need to be met before end game actions will appear. I won't get too graphic in this forum, but I chose intimate touching, kissing, and traditional sex as the player states. Once all those states have been activated the end game actions will be available. I adjusted the standard bliss actions to include these player states and also added some sex positions to supplement what is already in the game. You will have the option to finish the game or continue playing. Finishing the game will reset the custom player states to "unset". Choosing to keep playing is the "decline" options which will do nothing. These should work as intended, but please let me know if any glitches arise. I also included my own actions updated to this format so you can enjoy those as well. Hopefully this will inspire some of you to create more end game actions.

Also, just to clarify, I did not include all the standard bliss actions in the attachments below. I just put in the modified ones. If you wish to use standard bliss actions you will still need to activate those when playing in addition to the below files.

-Retep Enterprise

*edit:changed descriptions to match file names.
End Game and Positions.bjf
Actions with end game options. Includes modified standard bliss action player states.
(93.95 KiB) Downloaded 2021 times
Retep Master Incl End Game.bjf
All Retep actions and basic bliss actions set to end game player states. This includes the above end game actions.
(189.59 KiB) Downloaded 1836 times
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