"Time" Love Language when Traveling ...

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"Time" Love Language when Traveling ...

Postby Xenon » Sat Feb 05, 2011 10:10 am


My wonderful wife is a "Time" love language person, with words as a secondary. (I'm physical touch and a little gifts).

I sometimes have to go on trips for work ... usually 3 or 4 days at a time.

Those couple of days are usually pretty tough on my Wife. Dealing with all the homework from the kids, the early mornings (my DW is NOT a morning person! I usually do the get the kids up and moving routine!), the running errands and everything else for those days usually just completely wears her out.

And the fact that I can't be there to give her "the time" she needs really drains her love bucket.

SO, I want to try to find something to do to help her feel loved while I am gone. I'm looking for some suggestions ....

I have tried....
1) Leaving her notes / letters to read each night, where I tell her how much I love her, how wonderful she is, how hard I know this is on her, etc ...
2) sending e-cards during the day with cheerful thoughts
3) making arrangements with friends / neighbors to cover some of the "run child A to this practice and pick child B up from this activity"
4) chating with her on the computer when the meetings I am in allow it

I think the notes/letters have been the best ... but I'm looking for some more suggestions if anyone has some...

Any "time" love language people out there who can say "What I would really like is ..."? Most of my ideas tend to be in more of the "gift" category, because that is my second language (and is her least language!)
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