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My License Code was entered incorrectly. What do I do?

PostPosted: Tue Aug 29, 2006 8:45 am
by Don
Note: This topic applies to Bliss 1.5.7 and earlier only.

In earlier versions of Bliss, it was possibly to enter the license code incorrectly. Generally the code would be entered more than once, resulting in multiple copies of the license code in the license file.

Generally this will cause user names to be come corrupted. What you will see is one of the names will be something like "George]]]#4" instead of "George" You may also get an invalid license error.

This is caused by the user accidentally pasting the license code into the license code dialog more than once, and it is fairly easily fixed.

There are two ways to fix it.

Method 1:

Delete the file c:\Program Files\Games for Loving\Bliss\Bliss.Board.Lic. Then, when you run the game again, it will ask for your license key again. Make sure you only paste it into the dialog once. Sometimes it looks like the paste didn't work because the field scrolls to the left and hides the text you just entered.

Method 2:

Using notepad, open the file c:\Program Files\Games for Loving\Bliss\Bliss.Board.Lic. You will see multiple copies of your license key there. There should be only a single line with one copy of your license key. Delete any extra copies and save the file.